Amplifier 2x10W with TDA2009

Amplifier designed for undemanding listeners with good price / performance. The amplifier can be powered from 8V up to 24V, so it will find a place wherever there is no mains voltage. The power supply is a lead-acid battery, ATX power supply, laptop adapter or other mains adapter. The connection is according to the original catalog sheet. The catalog states that this is a two-channel Hi-Fi power amplifier class AB in the case of Multiwatts bridge connection options.

Circuit diagram:

tda2009 amp circuit

The circuit incorporates thermal protection and is short-circuit proof. This makes the connection ideal for beginners who have no experience with NF technology. The audio signal from the preamplifier (preamplifier, mobile phone, computer) is connected to the input terminals JP1, the capacitors C1 and C2 separate the signal source against the intrusion of the DC signal. Resistors R1-R4 determine the feedback gain. The RC cell at the output serves against amplifier oscillation. Capacitors C7 and C8 prevent DC voltage from entering the speakers. The individual speakers in the impedance 2Ω – 16Ω are connected to terminals X1 and X2.

Placement plan:

tda2009 stereo amp

Printed circuit board:

tda2009 pcb

Placement plan and PCB are at 1:1 600 dpi (How to print a PCB design can be found in the post How to print PCB design). Real size PCB is 71,1 x 40,3 mm.

R1, R31k2
R2, R418R
R5, R61R
C1, C23u3/35V electrolytic
C3, C4220u/35V electrolytic
C5, C6100n foil
C7, C82200u/35V electrolytic
C9100n ceramic
C10100u/35V electrolytic
C1122u/35V electrolytic
JP1jumper 3 pin RM = 2,54mm
X1-X3PCB screw terminal, 2 pin, RM 5mm
Real photo:

tda2009 amplifier module

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