Automatic shutdown 3D printer

This module will surely be used by anyone who prints regularly on a 3D printer. The printout is complete, but the printer is still on. It’s already night, or you don’t want to get up at the printer. The module disconnects the printer from the power supply after printing is completed. Simply insert the connection into the primary side of the power supply, connect 12V or 24V directly from the source and then connect the wire from the hotend or heatbed, which gives the module a signal about the operation of the device.

Circuit diagram:

3d print timer circuit

The module is powered by DC voltage from a power supply for a 3D printer. The connection includes a voltage regulator at 5V to power the microprocessor. The supply voltage must be according to the fitted relay (standard 12V and 24V). Immediately after the power supply is applied, relay REL1 closes, which holds the power supply for the main power supply, so it is necessary to connect a button or switch to 230V for connection. Since then, the microprocessor times for 5 minutes, after which it opens the relay and disconnects the power supply to the power supply. If you connect a control pin for hotend or heatbed to the „HEAT“ input, the timer is reset. In practice, this means that the timer is constantly reset during printing, but after printing, the timer pauses and turns off the power to the printer. The next switch-on is performed by pressing the button that bridges the relay contacts, the power supply switches on, the module closes the relay and rounds again. The LED indicates the timing of the module. The LED lights up if the last pulse came less than 10 seconds ago, if the LED flashes, the module is already timed to switch off.

Placement plan:

3d print timer placement

Printed circuit board:
3d print timer dps

TOP layer

3d print timer pcb

BOTTOM layer

Placement plan and PCB are at 1:1 600 dpi (How to print a PCB design can be found in the post How to print PCB design). Real size PCB is 46,0 x 33,6 mm.

3d print shutdown wiring

We will connect to the 3D printer according to the picture above. The green wire is the + pole of the hotend heater or heatbed power supply. The power is connected in parallel to the power supply of the 3D printer board. The repository with the complete project is on GitHub: – GitHub.

If you need advice on connecting to your 3D printer, do not hesitate to contact us and we will prepare instructions for connection according to your requirements.

Real photo:
3d print turn off3d print timer module

3d print shutdown module
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