How to print PCB design

How to correctly print a PCB theme in the correct resolution, or how to determine its size.

You are often asked how to print a PCB in the correct size when the exact dimensions of the board are not given. On our website, all boards are listed in 600DPI 1: 1 resolution.

Various graphics programs can be used for all these actions, I use the IrfanView program, because it is freeware, so everyone can download it freely.

The first step is to open the image itself, just click on the „File“ tab => „Open“.

print pcb 1

The next step is to set the image resolution (in our case 600DPI), we will do it by clicking on „Image“ => „Image information“.

print pcb 2

In the box for the resolution value, write the value „600“ and „600“, this is the resolution in DPI (dots per inch).

print pcb 3

Go to the section with printing in the menu „File“ => „Print“.

print pcb 4

In the „Print“ menu, select the „Original size (according to DPI)“ option. The dimensions of the printed motif are listed above the print button. The position can be adjusted in the „Position“ section.

print pcb 5

In this way, the board motif can be printed in actual size, if you need to print the motif in a mirror image, just press the „H“ key or go to the „Image“ menu => „Horizontal flip“.

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