Regulated power supply with LM317

This very simple adjustable power source will serve every craftsman in his beginnings. It’s a „catalog“ circuit diagram by an anti-parallel diode against back-breaking of the stabilizer. Link to the datasheet LM317:

The input voltage of the adjustable power supply must be 1.5V higher than required at the output.

Circuit diagram:

lm317 schematic

Connect DC voltage to the input terminals (K1), C1 and C2 function as filter capacitors. The values of R1 and P1 set the output voltage of the stabilizer, C3 is used to filter the output voltage.

Placement plan:

lm317 regulated PSU

Printed circuit board:

lm317 supply pcb

Placement plan and PCB are at 1:1 300 dpi (How to print a PCB design can be found in the post How to print PCB design). Real size PCB is 43,2 x 25,1 mm.

Part list:
C1100uF/35V electrolytic
C2100nF ceramic
C310uF/35V electrolytic
P15k linear potentiometer
K1,2screw terminal for PCB, RM=5mm, 2 pin
Real photo:

lm317 module

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