Strobe light with 10W LED

This very simple LED strobe is controlled by the popular NE555 integrated circuit. The involvement is suitable for beginners and will find justification at any „home disco“. The module is designed for one 10W, which reliably illuminates a larger room. The supply voltage is 12V DC, current consumption up to 1000mA according to the LED diode.

Circuit diagram:

strobe light circuit

Resistor R1 determines the length of the flash, R2 the maximum adjustable frequency and the potentiometer can be used to set the desired frequency. Resistor R5 limits the current flowing to the output LED. The bipolar NPN transistor BD139 can be fitted as a switching element. After adjustment, it is possible to switch stronger LEDs or LED strips. If you want to use, for example, LED strips instead of a 10W LED, it is necessary to install a wire jumper instead of the R5 resistor.

Placement plan and printed circuit board:
strobe pcbstrobe pcb


Placement plan and PCB are at 1:1 600 dpi (How to print a PCB design can be found in the post How to print PCB design). Real size PCB is 37,2 x 22,3 mm.

R31M linear potentiometer
R52R2/min. 1W
C11uF/16V electrolytic
C2100uF/16V electrolytic


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